NL: Modulaire breedbandtransporteur

How would you like to avoid the long lead times and haggling that can make buying a new conveyor so frustrating? Now you can reduce costs, and secure a reliable system that meets your specific requirements. Canline introduces a new and cost-effective approach to conveying systems for handling empty or filled inflexible items such as cans, bottles, boxes, trays and crates: complete wide-belt conveyors.

We offer a complete range of modules so you can design ans assemble your wide-belt conveyor system according to your own particular requirements. The systems are supplied as a complete package and can be easily assembled without the need for special tools.

Canline specialists are, of course, available to give you technical advice and assistance should you need it. Our modular systems can, moreover, be simply adapted or extended to suit new requirements.

The reliable design, short delivery time and low installation and maintenance costs guarantee an extremely versatile and cost-effective solution to all your conveying needs.

Modubelt by Canline

Modubelt, modulair belt conveyors for high capacity or high speed production lines.

Features: Lightweight conveyors which can be assembled quick & easy without welding or machining labour.

Applications: In the Can-making & processing industry, automotive, logistics, etc.

Made by Canline