Volume measuring system

NL: Volume meetsysteem

Many companies have been waiting for years for a reliable system for measuring volume flow of bulk products like peat, compost, soil, rubble, sand etc. Not all the products are sold by weight. The volume measuring system is the solution.

Ask for more information if you wish to use the volume measuring system in the following situations:

Volume Measuring System - Jansen & Heuning
  • Control per batch and delivery by volume
  • Continuous measurement of bulk density
  • Read out via a 4-20 mA analogue portPotential free contacts
  • Data file display for your data processing
  • Defining of correction factors according to DIN and CEN for the compost/peat industry

Volume measurement systems can be mounted on every belt conveyor you have. We can provide you a new belt conveyor if you need one.

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