Space finder

NL: Loodsvulinstallatie

The extremely slim Breston space fillers are produced in series produced and are available in various standard sizes of 14-24 meters, in the dimensions you want. The Breston space fillers can be applied to the Breston duobanden or duobanden from another brand.

The next space fillers are standard available:

  • BL14-80XW, BL14-80XR (14-80 equals 14-85)
  • ZT16-80XW, ZT16-80XR, ZT16-80XC
  • ZT17-80XW, ZT18-80XW, Z22-100XW, Z24-120XW, Z24-140XW

XW = wielzwenker, XR = railzwenker, XC = combination of wheel / railzwenker.
Example: Z24-140XW Cleaner is a 24 m long, 140 cm wide as wielzwenker.

Some advantages of Breston space fillers:

  • Collapsing around free, no counter mass around the collapse of the space filler
  • Very good maneuverable by means dual drive motors that can be steered independently
  • Quick to switch between swivel and drive position of the wheels of the Cleaner
  • No contamination possible on undercarriage by unique tubular construction
  • Castors making the space fillers very mobile
Breston levert complete loodsvulinstallatie hallenvuller extractiebandBreston levert complete loodsvulinstallatie

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