Sorting machine – bulk

NL: Sorteermachine

Sorting machine

Capacity and accuracy

A Breston sorting machine is capable of sorting a variety of agricultural products depending on size and cleaning them from all dirt and excess products.
Potatoes and onions almost always have to be sorted according to size as part of their processing. Depending on their use, the determining factor will either be the greatest accuracy or the highest capacity.


  • capacity up to 55 ton/hour
  • extremely solid
  • 3 – 5 sorting pans
  • unique power per sorting pan
  • life cycle 15 – 40 years

Precision Grader

  • drive with stop moment
  • Individually hung and driven sieving pans
  • adjustable sieving pans (for maximum capacity or accuracy)
  • Download brochure Grading Machine MV13
  • Presorting
  • roller sorter
  • star wheel sorter
  • diabolo roller sorter

Optical sorting

The optical sorting of products is a relatively new development.

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