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Loading bellow - Balg - J&H

Different situations require different solutions. Jansen&Heuning loading bellows are suitable for many distinct applications thanks to the variety of options we offer. Having accumulated years of experience in the field of bulk handling has led to a quality of quality that sets the current standard. Responding quickly and accurately to our customers’ demands has resulted in the successful application of many of our top-quality loading bellows. A long product lifetime is achieved by using few mechanical moving parts and using vertical winches, plastic rollers and three outside stainless steel cables. The cover is made of durable strengthened PVC.

  • spill-free loading of your valuable product, without the release of dust
  • optimum performance by separating product and dust extraction flow using current filtering techniques
  • sturdy construction for extended trouble-free usage

How fast can you get your loading bellow?

With efficient production methods and modular construction, a loading bellow can be assembled within one week. Of course we would appreciate having a little more time at our disposal.

Possible applications for loading

  • Tanker trucks
  • Open trucks
  • Ships
  • Storage compartments

Suitable for

  • Powders
  • Granulates
  • Food

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