Intake hopper

NL: Inlooptrechter

Intake hoppers are used as a delivery or intake system, which can integrate the following: buffering, dispensing, pull apart, cleaning and sorting. A variety of standard intake hoppers are manufactured in series. The intake hoppers are also manufactured as required, if desired, with conveyor belt (to pull the product from each other), sorting machine, conveyors, layer thickness sensor (automatic speed control), dosing unit and various other options.

Our intake hoppers are known for the following points, among others:

Intake hopper by Jansen & Heuning
  • Highly operational
  • Manufactured for heavy (industrial) applications
  • Heavy and solid construction and transport chain
  • Minimal product damage
  • Tight soil with good sealing in the bin
  • Efficient conveyor belt and roller cleaner with patented elliprol
  • The bottom mat of the tray is to be replaced in parts of 0.5 meter, so when damaged not an entire new mat is required

Made by Breston and Jansen&Heuning