NL: Palletiseermachine / palletiser

Palletiser by Qimarox

Qimarox - Highrunner MK7 - palletiser

Highrunner mk7

Rapidly putting down layers

What distinguishes Highrunners from most other palletising systems is the position of the pattern-formation conveyor. In the Highrunners, the pattern-formation conveyor is located at a height, while the pallet is moved up and down with a pallet lifter. The top of the pallet is consequently always located at the same level as the pattern-formation conveyor.

Layer by layer

The Highrunner mk7 is the fastest palletiser from the Qimarox range. What is interesting is that the products are deposited on the pallet layer by layer with the Highrunner mk7. To do so the machine has a built-in buffer, where each formed row remains until a layer is complete. By depositing an entire layer at a time, the Highrunner mk7 needs to make fewer movements. This saves time, which increases the capacity.

Because it’s the pallet that moves up and down with the Highrunner mk7, the rows no longer need to be moved up and down while being deposited. That saves even more time, especially with pallets that need to be stacked 1.80 metres or higher. This makes the Highrunner mk7 one of the fastest palletisers on the market.

Infeed and outfeed of pallets

As soon as a pallet is full, the pallet lift moves all the way down so that it can be carried away via a pallet transport system. An empty pallet can be supplied from the opposite direction at the same time.

The Highrunner mk7 can handle a wide range of products:

  • boxes
  • boxes with lids
  • trays
  • trays with foil
  • buckets
  • crates
  • jerrycans
  • etc.

Palletiser by Rohaco Industrial Handling

Rohaco has many years of experience in the palletisation of various products.

Rohaco Palletiser for boxesRohaco palletiser

Palletiser by ATS Transporttechnieken

Our conventional palletiser is often part of a bigger logistics solution. For example: Repackaged boxes are sealed, scanned, labeled and transported on a roller conveyor to one of the four conventional palletisers. Empty pallets are automatically destacked by one of the pallet-destackers and transported to the palletisers by a shuttle conveyor. After palletizing a second shuttle conveyor transports the stacked pallets to a wrapping machine. After wrapping, the pallets are ready for distribution by a forklift truck.

ATS Transporttechniek - palletiser

Made by ATS transporttechnieken, Rohaco and Qimarox