Pallet conveyor

Pallet handling

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There are all sorts of pallet handling equipment such as pallet transfer cars, pallet roller conveyors, pallet cross transfer sections, pallet stackers/ de-stackers, pallet lifts, pallet lifters and turntables.

ATS Transporttechnieken - Pallet conveyorATS Transporttechnieken - Pallet conveyor
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Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are used to transport pallets. The configuration depends on the type and orientation of the pallets, the weight of the pallets, available height, etc.. To transport pallets in groups seperate gearmotor driven sections can be used. Detection of the pallets is done by photocells, ultrasonic sensors or mechanical detection.

Chain conveyor

Besides roller conveyors, chain conveyors are also used to transport pallets or drums. Depending on the type of pallets and the orientation, 2 or 3 tracks are used.


Turntables are also used as part of a conveyor system to provide a method of rotating and transferring pallets at conveyor intersections. Using a turntable conveyor has the advantage that pallets maintain their orientation (or rotate the orientation 180 degrees).

Pallet conveyor - CanlinePallet conveyor - Canline
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Shuttle conveyor

An important part of internal logistics is transporting pallets (or products) from A to B. When the distance from A to B is large, and there is no need to buffer pallets, a shuttle conveyor can be used. This shuttle conveyor has an integrated roller or chain conveyor to load and unload pallets at different locations.

Pallet destacker and stacker

Stacks of pallets can be transported into a pallet destacker by roller or chain conveyor and the pallet destacker will pick up the entire stack but leaves the bottom pallet on the conveyor. This single pallet can then be transported to the next destination, making room for destacking the next pallet. All the movements are done pneumatically. With little to no modifications it is also possible to use the pallet destacker as a pallet stacker.

Etc., etc…

All the units can be customized for your specific application.

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