Layer forming system

NL: Formeersysteem

Qimarox layer forming system

For the first time, the great flexibility of robotic palletisers has been combined with the high capacity of layer palletisers. Pattern-formation conveyors have even been patented by Qimarox.

Whatever the palletiser module, the secret of all Qimarox’s palletisers lies in their pattern-formation sliders. The supplied products are pushed together with the pattern-formation slider until a row or layer has been formed of the correct pattern.

100% accuracy

This pattern-formation slider can be positioned entirely steplessly and with an accuracy of almost 100%. This means that any spacing means that any spacing between the products can be set to a millimetre. With this pattern-formation slider it is even possible to turn products a quarter of a turn. The pattern-formation slider then chooses position such that one side of the product touches the slider, after which the other side makes a smooth turn of 90° because of the moving belt.

Adjusting patterns

Qimarox palletisers are easy to use. Operators can modify existing patterns and even enter completely new patterns using a touchscreen. This only takes a few minutes thanks to the user-friendly software. What’s more, the patented pattern-formation system makes it possible to create practically any pattern.

Different models

The palletisers of Qimarox can be equipped with pattern-formation conveyors that are available in several different versions. The basic version of every machine is the side infeed model. The products are supplied by means of a feed belt that is placed on left or right side of the formation location. The pattern-formation slider then slides the products from the conveyor to the side to the correct position on the formation location.

Dual infeed system with two pattern-formation sliders

Sometimes it is desirable to supply products via two feed belts, for example, if a single palletiser is supplying two production lines or when operating at high capacities. For these situations, Qimarox developed a pattern-formation conveyor that is suitable for dual infeed.

The dual infeed system model is actually a double version of the side infeed model. Products are supplied via two feed belts. This version has two pattern-formation sliders, thus offering additional capacity when forming rows and/or layers.

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