Drum roller conveyor in stainless steel

NL: Vatenrollenbaan (RVS)

Roller conveyors are often used to transport drums. A drum on a roller conveyor can easily change directions by using a pusher to push it onto a different conveyor at a cross section or making use of curved roller conveyors, making very diverse lay-outs of conveyor systems possible.

ATS Drum conveyor stainless steelATS Drum conveyor stainless steel

The gearmotor is usually placed underneath the conveyor, ensuring extra protection. If needed, for example for very low conveyor systems, it is also possible to mount the gearmotor on the side or above of the conveyor.

Compared to roller conveyors for transporting pallets, the roller conveyors for drums use smaller diameter rollers and a shorter pitch.

Made by ATS Transporttechnieken