Box filler

NL: Dozenvuller

Product friendly and an enormous capacity. That’s a characteristic of the Grisnich TG Automatic Boxfiller-18. A box filler with very efficient logistics. Safe 40% on forklift movements!

80 ton per hour unloading capacity

Grisnich developed the movable TG Automatic Boxfiller-18 in order to unload quickly and efficiently into the boxes. The new box filler can destack 3 empty boxes automatically. The boxes are filled homogeneously via the wide side of the box. Having a wide belt it guarantees not only a high loading speed but it is also user-friendly to the products. The product supply is in a straight line, therefore no de-mixing. The belt lowers deep into the box. The TG Automatic Boxfiller-18 can easily obtain without any problems a capacity of 80 ton per hour.

Continual unloading due to the even-flow bunker

The box filler has an integrated roller cleaning unit with a belt conveyor. Because of the even-flow bunker on the box filler, the unloading continues during the changing of the boxes.

Via a roller conveyor system the filled boxes are moved to their end position and with the forklift you easily lift the first arrived box and place it on the second filled box on top of each other in order to transport them to their final storage place. On the roller conveyor is room for a maximum of 5 full boxes.

Tolsma control system

The box filler is easy to operate. In addition all motor revolutions are adjustable with the use of the Tolsma control system.

Operating the TG Automatic Boxfiller-18 is easy by using the touch screen. With this operating system one can set different filling programs, box counter and loading speeds.

  • Very high loading capacities: 80 tons/hour
  • Product friendly
  • Automatic destacking of empty boxes
  • 40% les forklift movements
  • Product flow in a straight line therefore no de-mixing
  • The TG Automatic Boxfiller-18 is easy to move to another location